Sunday, October 9, 2011


Pregnancy brings on great dreams. I've enjoyed most of my dreams recently. Last night I had a dream that Baby#2 is a girl. I've felt most days that Baby#2 is a boy...hmmmm, makes me wonder {even more than I was before}.

Every dream that I've had about the sex of a baby has been opposite of real life. I had a dream when I was pregnant with Eden that I delivered a boy. I had a dream early in pregnancy that a good friend of mine, Sara, was going to have a boy. She found out a little while ago that she's going to have a beautiful baby girl. Well, my dream last night was that I found out we were having another girl.

Lane doesn't like me to call Baby#2 a boy, him, his, etc. because he says I'll jinx it. Whatever, what's done is done and this baby is either a boy or a girl already, so by calling it a him, I'm not jinxing anything {but I'll humor him}. All along I've said its a boy and in just a few weeks we'll all get to find out if I'm right or if I've jinxed it! I'm so excited to find out!!!!!!!!

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