Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh, the life

Life has been so busy recently. Lane had last week off, so we were able to spend lots of quality, family time together. Even if we were just at Target or grocery shopping! Life was good. Now, its back to the grind, Lane's working again and Eden and I are fending for ourselves. I've got a few pictures to share with you, but most pictures have been taken on our phones this past week, so you have to deal with just a few from the camera and I'll {try to} remember to post pictures from our phones later!
September 25 - The bump at 17 weeks.
September 26 - Our winging gifts from great friends. Lane's funny friend Jack and some sparkling cider for preggo! 
September 27 - Eden watching herself eat.

September 28 - Eden and Daddy building with her blocks. She plays with those blocks for hours at a time, she loves them!

September 30 - Eden reading a book while she relaxes on the potty. 

October 2 - Eden woke up on the wrong side of the crib after her nap!

October 2 - Eden put the baby down and wanted to put a diaper on her. She's great and very hands on with helping with her baby.

October 2 - "Can you give her a hug?"

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