Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drum Roll Please

Now that family has received the news of our ultrasound from yesterday {yep, it has come and gone and we have the results!!} I can share with everyone!!! I'm so excited that we were able to keep it a secret from people since a gender reveal party or anything fun was out of the question. In order to tell people, we carved a second pumpkin and sent the picture to everyone and posted it online to our facebook accounts so people could see with their very own eyes what gender our little munchkin is.

Our appointment went really well {yes, you have to wait for pictures at the VERY end!} We had our ultrasound first and then our doctor visit. The ultrasound went well and Baby#2 was not shy about showing off for the camera so we got a clear view {no questions} about the gender. Once we got a chance to talk to the doctor she let us know that the full anatomical report would be sent to the radiologist and she'd get a full report in a few days. There wasn't anything too remarkable about the ultrasound.

The only thing that was of slight concern for the doctor is that I have partial previa. Basically what that means is that the placenta {blood supply for the baby} is slightly overlapping my cervix. Most of the time with the stretching of the uterus through the rest of the pregnancy the condition will "fix" itself and is of no concern. The only reason this is a concern now is if I were to go into preterm labor I cannot deliver the placenta first {and would have to since it is below the baby and over my cervix right now} therefore I would have to have a c-section. I will also have to have a c-section if this does not resolve itself before I'm full term and deliver the baby. Ok, that being said, just remember that most of the time this does resolve itself and unless I go into labor before it resolves itself I will have to have a c-section - no big deal, and not life threatening as long as I watch myself and make sure that I don't have any bleeding.

So the fun part of this "complication" in pregnancy? I get at least one more ultrasound and possibly more if it isn't resolved before I have another ultrasound - probably 6 weeks from now. I can't complain about having a complication that isn't life threatening for me or for Baby and I get to see Baby again which isn't the norm.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for {if you didn't skip ahead to the pictures before reading the post already!} Our reveal moment with family!
Eden colored on the box after helping empty the seeds out.

She loves him {or her pumpkin} already!
She's lovin' on her "boder!"

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