Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A House?!

Offers, counter offers, and {possible} acceptance oh my! Can you believe it?! We put in an offer on a house in California and the sellers have countered back, and we've now countered the counter offer {say that 5 times fast!} We didn't change much in our counter to their counter, just asked that they pay closing costs.

Lane and I have been spending every waking moment looking at houses online. We've looked at turnkey properties, short sale properties, foreclosures, and all kinds of places! We decided that we don't want to move into a rental in order to wait around for a foreclosed house or a short sale and live our lives in the unknown, so we scratched those homes. We also decided that we wanted a turnkey property because there's no reason for us to get into a house and try to remodel or clean someone elses junk or paint every room. Especially since we were able to find {a few} homes within our budget in nice areas that are move in ready.

Lane saw 4 houses when he got to California on Sunday and immediately said no to 2 of the homes for different reasons. One of the final 2 houses we decided to cut out of our list based on the price and the fees associated with the home. The family that we're hoping to buy from are the parents of a Marine and they've kept the house in good condition. Lane and I are trying not to get our hopes up about this house but we're very excited about the opportunity. I mean, who wouldn't be excited about a well-kept home with storage space and a hot tub?! We're going to keep our fingers crossed and our prayers going for the right thing to happen for our family as we plan on moving to California!

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