Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Half Way There

This past Monday marks the half way point for this pregnancy. I can't believe we're half way through. Baby#2 is on the go more and more these days. (S)he is starting to flip around like crazy and is causing me to have to go to the bathroom a whole lot more often than I used to. My heartburn had started getting better, but is once again flaring up with a vengeance! Just about every night I'm having to take tums and luckily that's all it's taking to ease the discomfort. The old wives tale about heartburn and a full head of hair didn't prove to be right with Eden, so we'll see about it with Baby#2.

This pregnancy so far has been nothing but a blessing. I've had great moments and I've felt great most of the time. Eden's pregnancy was the same way, lots of fun and enjoyable moments.Though the flips and turns will soon turn into kicks and punches, they are all welcome and I'm excited about finding out if Baby#2 is a boy or a girl. Stay tuned! I'm not telling WHEN it is, but I won't withhold the information that is found at the ultrasound.

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