Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cleaning Day

All of our stuff is out of our house and we're sleeping on an air mattress until we leave on Monday. Yesterday the movers were here and we took advantage of the last Parents' Night Out {PNO} at our church that we were able to use. I've loved having that to be able to take Eden to and enjoy a kid-free night since we weren't here long enough to find a babysitter.

Last night there were 3 other couples that we knew and have become good friends with that also took their kids to PNO and we had a great dinner out with them. We went to a hibachi grill and I don't think any of us have laughed as hard as we did last night in a long time! It was SO much fun to get out without the kids and just let loose. I'm sad that we weren't able to get all of us together sooner than the weekend that we're leaving town, but I'm glad we made it work at all.

Since the movers were here all day yesterday and we went out to dinner that means that today and tomorrow are days filled with cleaning. So far today we've had to clean Eden more than we've been able to clean the house. She got into my basket of acrylic paints and screwed the top off one of the paints! Lane was cleaning a window sill and I was cleaning the stove so neither one of us noticed that she had done it {#1 Parents over here!} so she successfully painted the kitchen floor and her new pants and her face! Lane was the better parent of the two of us when it happened and made sure that the paint wasn't toxic and made sure Eden was ok. Me on the other hand, my first reaction was that her clothes were ruined because the paint was permanent! At least I had Lane here with me when it happened so someone could worry about Eden while I worried about her clothes...I guess.

After we got Eden cleaned up and squeaky clean she informed us that she pooped in her diaper and she wanted to "dump it" which is her new thing. In order to help her get over her fear of seeing poop we dump her diaper into the toilet and let her say bye bye to it when she gets to flush it. Today when I took her diaper off in the bathroom, she lost her balance and fell. But she didn't just fall onto the floor, she fell sitting on her foot. Ugh, you can imagine this mess wasn't a fun one for anyone involved!

Next up was lunch. We're still clearing out our freezer and I kept a baking sheet so we could get rid of things in a cost efficient manner - by using it all! Today was chicken nuggets for lunch. Eden loves to "dip it" and so we let her have bbq sauce. Lane, again the smarter of the 2 of us, made her give him the nugget and he dipped it. I was letting her explore her independence and so I let her dip it herself {mind you, she's up walking around because we don't have a table to sit at, so I should have known better!} As she started walking away from me I saw that she had sauce on her face, hand, leg and belly. More wipes please!

We're still only half way through the day, so I can only imagine what the rest of the day will unfold for us. I'm hoping that we're able to get some house cleaning done today so we don't have to do it tomorrow. Eden has provided us with a whole new appreciation of moving and cleaning with this move! I'll be sure to keep you updated as best I can with any upcoming adventures we may encounter on our journey to California.

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