Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Punkin Patch

Eden has discovered pumpkins and every time she sees one she announces that there is a "punkin" and she wants to try to pick it up. She sees an inflatable pumpkin on the roof of a building while we're driving and she gets so excited. She even has her very own pumpkin that she carries around with her. She puts it in her stroller and pushes it around like it's her baby. We decided to take her to a "pumpkin patch" at a church close by so she could see all the pumpkins and pick one to bring home to carve.

As we were walking through all the pumpkins Eden tried to pick many of them up. She loved that there were so many and so many sizes. Eden picked up the pumpkins that were small enough for her to hold and never complained that we were only going to take one home with us.

She was SO concerned with the fact that there was a rotten pumpkin. It upset her.

We gave her 3 pumpkins to chose from and let her decide which one we'd bring home to carve.
Trying to hold the pumpkin with Daddy's help.

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