Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feast Your Eyes

Here are the promised pictures so you can SEE what we've been up to!
October 3 - I got these from Pat when we were in GA back in March and I broke down and spray painted them to put them out front.
October 3 - Another project started! Eden's bed for her new room in California is sanded, primed and needs to be sanded, primed {again} and then painted. The "knobs" for the top of the posts are done, just need to finish the bed frame.
October 3 - Eden fell asleep on the way home and I had already ordered her lunch, so she got to eat it as her snack when she got up from her nap. 
October 4 - The lanterns out in the front of the house.
October 4
October 5 - I'm trying REAL hard to make it feel like fall down here in Corpus. It is still in the mid 90s most days, so the inside of my house will at least smell like fall. This candle is from the candle shop that Lauren works at in Mississippi.
October 6 - My "winging gift" from my parents.
October 7 - Another attempt to make it feel like fall, pumpkin spice pound cake! SO good!
October 7 - What my house looked like after Eden went to bed. This is a sign of a good day if you ask me!
October 8 - Eden went to a birthday party and got to bring home a "goodie bucket" and she loved everything inside of it!
October 8 - The "book" that was in her bucket. It is just a blank note pad, but she loves it.
October 8 - Digging for goodies!
October 10 - Eden and I had a pic-nic dinner, PBnJ, grapes, and animal crackers!
October 11 - Eden's first sleep without her paci.
October 12 - Eden's stamp for going poop on the potty. She was happy to wash it off in the bath and talked about going potty to get another one tomorrow! She said bye bye to it and everything!
October 12 - The firetruck is going around the neighborhood for fire safety week and since Eden didn't get a picture with the truck the other day, I took advantage of it tonight. She remembered that the truck has "wawa" to put out fires.
October 12 - Admiring the "tuck"
October 12 - Another project complete {sort of}. The paisley pillows are done, now I need to buy the polka dot and stripe fabrics from Eden's room to get the pillows complete for her new bed {that still needs to be sanded, primed again, and painted}.
October 12 - The stripe that will go with the paisley. All I need to do is buy the fabric and we can call it a day! I'm excited to be taking on a lot of the decorating/creating for Eden's room. Gives me hope to do some things on my own for Baby#2s room!

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