Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Parker's girlfriend, Sara, lives nearby and her parents have land and a horse! Of course when Sara saw that we had taken Eden to the fall festival before leaving Texas and that Eden loved the horses she offered to let us come visit Dawson, her horse. On the trip up to Sara's house Parker took his own car because Lane and I were going to go visit North Georgia with Eden. Eden was upset that Parker wasn't in our car so we kept telling her that she would see him when we got to Sara's house and that when we got to Sara's house she would also see the "neigh" and that seemed to hold her over. Once we got to see the neigh she was beyond ecstatic. Now every time Sara comes up in conversation Eden asks to see the neigh and we have to bring her back to earth and remind her that the horse doesn't go where Sara goes!
Eden meeting Dawson

Not too sure about him smelling her. She said "no bite" even though he was just smelling!

North Georgia campus from the new terrace above the new chow hall. 
Mommy and Eden watching the Corps of Cadets getting ready for a flag football game.

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