Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Last night Lane and I went to dinner with his family and mine in order to see everyone one last time before coming home today. After dinner we had a lot of laundry and packing to finish up in order to be able to head out west to come home. When all was said and done we finally went to bed at 2 this morning {eastern time}.

Just as soon as we jumped in bed, it was time to wake up and head to the airport. Our flight left Atlanta at 8:30am, so we had to be up at 4:45 in order to get last minute things in the car, get Eden and ourselves up and ready before making the hour drive to the airport. My dad usually leaves the house at 5:15 to get to work, so it was no big deal for him to have to leave at 5:30 to get us to the airport. Eden had been waking up around 10 while we were in Georgia, so the 5:00 wake up for her this morning was not much fun!

Dad dropped us at the airport and we quickly went through security. The lines weren't terrible, but we were able to go through a special line since we had a stroller with us. Eden was just about delirious while we were waiting to board the plane and all she wanted to do was walk around and spin and dance. Once we got on the plane we were able to get her to go to sleep for about an hour. This would have been wonderful had we taken off on time, but we didn't. When we were ready to take off there were 15 planes in front of us waiting to get in the air. She stayed asleep through all of the announcements through the plane and even through take off, but soon after we were in the air she was awake and ready to go - and we had 4 hours left!

Once we made it to the airport we got our bags, got taken to our car and started the hour drive home. We got lunch for Eden and we let her ride with her window down in order to insure that she didn't nap in the car on the way home. The last thing Lane and I needed was for her to sleep in the car and not sleep once we got home. We learned real quick that it wasn't easy to take care of a wild toddler on just 3 hours of sleep. We knew we needed to nap in order to make it through the day with her. It was a success, she slept this afternoon for about 2-3 hours and so did Lane and I.

Once we all got up we decorated our Christmas tree and I pulled out some other decorations to start decking the halls around here! I can't wait to go out and buy some garland for out fireplace and our banister on the stairs. I will be sure to post some pictures of everything once we get it done enough to be proud of it. I also have more pictures from our trip to Georgia, so be on the look out. As soon as we catch up on sleep...and I have this place looking like Christmas...and I get to the store I'll make sure to post the pictures that I have! Ok, I won't wait for all of that to be done before I post pictures, but I am going to make sure to catch up on some sleep before posting pictures!

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