Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Goodies!

Last week Eden and I were taking advantage of the idea of having our first overnight guest by making Christmas goodies for everyone to eat! A friend of ours from Texas will soon be joining us out here in California and James came out to house hunt for the weekend. While he was here he stayed with us because his family is going to be looking in our area for a house - well, they actually just found out that their offer was accepted and they're only going to live a mile away! This is good news for us for many reasons: 1) Eden and Cael enjoy playing together and now Coen will be able to play too because he's crawling around and ready to walk. 2) Angie said she wouldn't mind watching Eden when I go into labor {awesome friend!} 3) Angie and I enjoy spending time together and 4) As 2 families, we get along wonderfully! I am so excited to have them close by.

Anyways, so James was coming in last weekend to stay with us so Eden and I made some holiday candies to have around. Lane doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, so I was glad to have a reason to make these goodies with Eden. She enjoyed making them and now asks for a "canday cayne" at every waking moment. Either that or she asks for a "petzel." While we made our first batch of candies I took some pictures of our progress because Eden was such a great helper.
Unwrapping the Hershey Kiss. She didn't realize until the VERY end that they were candy and didn't try to eat them until we were almost done.
This is about when she realized they were yummy!
Putting her Kiss on the pretzel.
All done! We just put them in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 and then added M&Ms to the top of the kisses. The kisses that I chose were the mint ones and it added just a little bit of Christmas to the yummy treat!
In addition to these, we made white chocolate covered pretzels. These are ALWAYS made at Lane's parents' house, so since we won't be going home for Christmas I wanted to make sure to bring some Christmas from home to us. The pretzels were delicious and Eden loves them too! So glad to have part of home here with us.

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