Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fun Times

We've been going non stop since we got home to California. We've been able to go to a Christmas festival, but my favorite thing is getting to watch Eden play outside in our back yard. Eden loves our yard and we've never lived anywhere since she's been able to play outside where she can play outside. The climate in Texas was WAY too hot and here it's perfect. Here's a little of what we've been up to since coming home.
These are the pictures from the Christmas Festival on base on December 3
The start of the most odd petting zoo I've ever seen. These were 2 turtles that were there, Eden was saying "hi!"
Another turtle, Daddy was trying to show Eden that it was ok to touch them.
Some dragon-looking lizard thing. I don't even know what it was - This was my deciding factor in saying that I'd take pictures and let Daddy pet the animals with Eden.
The upclose of the lizard thing!
The llama, and if you look to the right, you can see Eden trying to peek through the fence at the llama.
Eden petting the warthog. When she realized he wasn't soft she wasn't interested anymore.
Trying to give the llama some grass, he wasn't interested.
Just wondering...who thinks having scorpions at a petting zoo is a good idea?! 
Eden riding on the little tram-type ride with Daddy.

Spin art with Daddy.
Watching the paint and paper spin.
Playing games with Mommy.
High fives for Mommy!
December 9 - At home playing with Mommy.
Still playing with Mommy, but now her pants show how much fun she's been having in the back yard. 
December 10 - Loving the back yard in her jacket and slippers with her dog in the stroller. She was laying out her duck on the stairs of the hot tub to lay her dog down for a nap. She's such a lover.
December 11 - Eden's first freckle! I've been wondering when she'd get them because I knew with my genes she wasn't going to get away without them! You have to look hard, it's right there on her temple!
December 13 - Mommy and her big big belly! 29 weeks, 2 days - Kind of scary to think that 10 weeks from now is when my water broke with Eden. I could have a son in my arms anywhere from 7-11 weeks from now!

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  1. All the decorations look great! Your belly is so adorable!! Definitely a boy belly :)