Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deck The Halls

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and Christmas decorations and Christmas cookies and ANYTHING Christmas! I wish I could leave Christmas decorations up year round. I mean, when the timers click on and the lights illuminate, I can't help but smile. I have a mantel this year, so I made sure to get garland to drape and decorate it along with our stockings. Luckily Eden hasn't even shown interest in pulling on the stockings, though she's noticed them and talks about them. Well, here you go, here's how we decked the halls this year {and we'll deck them even more next year when we have time to do so and we aren't worried with moving and hanging pictures and painting!}
Eden was excited about all of the ornaments that she took off of the tree and collected on the stairs with her.
Eden's ornament collection.
The first gift under the tree!
Our stockings, all hung by the chimney with care!
The garland that I am SO proud to have! My mom hangs garland on her staircase and when I realized I could do the same I was beside myself :)
My beautiful bow. My mom taught me how to make bows when I was home and I brought my lessons back to California and made bows all on my own!
Our nutcrackers and the wreath that decorate our front porch. I've added a small 4 foot Christmas tree to the right of the nutcrackers!
The front porch with the lights and the Christmas tree in the front window. 
The house with the lights up!
Inside on the front door is our Beary Merry Christmas. Eden LOVES moving the bear with Mommy every morning. This is a Christmas tradition that Lane's family has.
My "man" rug in front of the sink in the kitchen. 
My little teeny tree in the kitchen with my Santa candy dish and the snowman snow globe. This is the tree that my mom used to put in the kitchen when Parker and I were growing up. 
Our Christmas tree advent calendar. Eden also loves putting up a new ornament each day. She's been able to "decorate" the tree all on her own!
Santa hats that help to decorate our kitchen table.

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