Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas in November

We decided to celebrate Christmas with Parker and Sara since he's leaving for the Navy next week. There was no use in us coming home to mail their gifts back so they could open them a few days closer to Christmas. We celebrated Christmas the Sunday after Thanksgiving and it was a great time. We all got some good things and enjoyed spending the evening together.
Eden and Parker ready to get the show on the road!
Eden got her first Yo Gabba Gabba toy. I'm not sure how shes so in love with the show and didn't have any of the toys until now. She loves her stuffed Brobie and calls him "Bobbie."

Opening her BIG gift from Parker and Sara. The toy was so big we decided to take it back and re-buy it once we got home. It was just as big a hit the second time she got it!
Checking it out and sitting on it for the first time.
Eden pushed the "bunton" and it took her by surprise when it started driving!
She wanted Brobie to ride with her.
She wanted Mommy to push the "bunton" while she rode.
After gifts and pizza we went over to Aunt Nana and Uncle Papa's house to visit their Winter Wonderland in the back yard. They put it up every year and it would have been wrong for us to have left Georgia without seeing it!
When we got out of the car she saw the bear and said, "Mommy! Bear! Touch?"
Excited to walk through the lights.
"Hi Santa!"
Parker, Eden, the Snowman, and Sara.

Family photo with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
Parker was helping Eden put the ornament on the tree.
Mimi and Pop - there wasn't even any mistletoe around!

The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. with the Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

It's the Fripp Deer! "So I said to the Fripp deer, do you have any doe and she said yeah, 2 bucks!" ~Uncle Papa
Daddy getting a good squeeze from Eden.

Aunt Nana and Mimi.

Daddy, Mommy, Eden, Uncle Papa, Aunt Nana, Sara, and Parker.
Wave to the camera!

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