Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Check Two!

I am really on a roll these days. I finished {I only have to hand sew on a button, but I can't find a needle} the diaper clutch that I wanted to make. I will say that it made me mad and it wasn't very easy the whole way through. There were some bumps in the road for sure!

I started the project last night when I cut out and taped together the pattern. After I did that I went ahead and traced out the pattern onto the fabric so I could cut and sew today. Everything was going according to plan because Eden slept in today and I was able to cut out the fabric before she woke up. That meant at nap time all I needed to do was sew the pieces together. Well, that was until Eden covered her plate with ketchup from lunch with a piece of the fabric. That means that I needed to wash it, then it had to dry, then it shrank! Ugh, what a fiasco. {And for the record, I know I should have washed and dried all the pieces before I cut the patterns out, but I didn't.}

Anyways, I sewed it and everything ended up ok in the end, so I guess that's what matters, right?!
The solid brown is what had to be eliminated from the patterns because of the ketchup. It's hard to tell, but  the patterns are drawn out and I only needed to cut at this point.
All cut out, ready for destruction! ha ha
All done. The button is simply staged because it needs to be sewn on, but other than that it's DONE!

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