Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This month is all about celebrating Christmas. The reason for the season is Jesus Christ's birth. We celebrate his birthday by giving gifts because He gave the ultimate gift - Himself. As we entered the month of December we've been able to countdown the days until Christmas. In our house we've been doing that in 3 different ways. We've got our Beary Merry Christmas, our Christmas Tree Advent Calendar, and we have an Elf on the Shelf. Each night our elf goes back to the North Pole to report to Santa and tell him how Eden has been behaving. She doesn't quite get that part of it, but she does know that when her elf comes back that he's hiding in a new place. She loves looking for him and she gets so excited to see him each day!
Watching from the mantel.
Watching from the bookcase.
Riding in the back of Santa's sleigh!
Hanging out with the bear from the Beary Merry Christmas.
Sitting on top of the tree that sits on the kitchen table.
A new decoration on the tree?
Chatting it up with the Willow Tree ladies.
Elf flying the "pane" on the bookshelf.
Thank goodness Eden can't read, it seems that the elf is giving her some bad advice here!
Sitting in the flowers on top of the refrigerator.
I guess he didn't spend enough time at the North Pole the night before and he needed to feel "at home" with the cold!
Listening to music on Mommy's iPod at the treadmill. When Eden saw him today, she said "elf, funny!"

The elf has also hidden in the garland on the staircase one day, but I didn't get a picture of him that day.

Eden searching for the bed where the bear looks for Christmas today.
She found the bed!
"Smile!" We moved the bear!
And then the true excitement comes out!
Eden's handy work. She's placed every one of the ornaments and she gets excited to put a new one up every day. She was already excited tonight about getting to put the train on the tree tomorrow.

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