Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Part 2

As promised, our elf traveled to and from the North Pole every night and came back to visit Eden to make sure she was good. There were a few days that I wasn't able to capture him on camera before he moved the next day. Well, I guess I should be honest here...there were days that I kept telling myself that I needed to take his picture and then didn't. He was pretty great and Eden is still on the search for him, not quite understanding that the elf is with Santa in the North Pole. When we tell her, she just asks to see Santa, and then it all starts over and there are some tears on some days.They don't last long, but it makes me sad to have to say goodbye to Christmas decorations in the coming days/week.
Swinging from Eden's bag in her toy room.
Putting on Eden's socks. This day was a tricky one because she wanted to pick him up and hug him, but she isn't supposed to touch him because he loses his magic if he's played with. The laundry room had to stay shut most of the day.
On the wreath in the {half painted} bathroom. The wreath hung out in the bathroom without be put up because I think its beautiful and just couldn't make myself paint the bathroom in time for the wreath. Glad the elf got some use out of it!
Daddy changed out the thermostat in the house to be a digital one and the elf thought we could use some prompting to get the wall around it painted.
Hanging out at the top of the tree. This is where Eden most often looks for the elf now that he's back at the North Pole and we still have our tree up.
Eden told us that the elf was a "silly elf" when she saw him hanging on the fan above the kitchen table one morning.
On Christmas Eve the elf left and came back while we were at church. When he came he brought gifts to be opened that night. What an exciting time!!!
The other part of our December traditions were the Beary Merry Christmas and Eden's advent tree that she decorated until Christmas. These items were both taken down and put away the day after Christmas so Eden couldn't be distracted by their presence since there was nothing else for them to do. There was no more moving the bear and no more decorating the tree, so they just needed to be gone and forgotten until next year. She's not asked to do either, so we're in the clear so far. 

Kiss Santa
Kiss Snowman

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