Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trimming the Tree

Before we left for Georgia I put up our Christmas tree. I promised Lane that I wouldn't put the lights or ornaments on it before we went, but the tree itself was going up. I knew after a 2 week vacation the last thing I would want to do was put together a tree and decorate it {in addition to laundry, hanging outdoor lights, and unpacking the last few boxes that are left in Baby Boy's room}. I wasted no time getting that tree decorated! We got home on Wednesday morning and I had the lights on it by night.

After the lights came the fun part! We got to put the ornaments on the tree. Eden was excited to hang the ornaments and learned quickly that they hang on the branches by the hooks. What she didn't learn quickly was that you can't put all of the ornaments on the same branch! Lane told her to decorate the tree however she wanted to and not to listen to Mommy telling her where to put the ornaments. The control freak in me came out and I moved some of the ornaments around, but not many of them!
The tree with lights, ready for decorating!
Looks like Santa came a little early to check on things!
Daddy teaching Eden how to hang the ornaments on the tree.
Such a great learner!
Her ornament from her first Christmas.
Hanging her first Christmas ornament on the tree {this one I left where she hung it!}
Checking out the ornament that is a bell. 
Her ornament from Grandma and Grandpa from last year. She also got to hang this one and I left it where it was!
The family in front of the newly decorated tree...only you can't see the tree.
So we took another picture!
 These are some of my favorite ornaments on the tree. I could have taken a picture of each individual ornament, but I limited myself and I still look at the tree and think "oh, I should have taken one of that ornament too!" but refrain from doing so.
Pat used to take Parker and I to the Festival of Trees in Atlanta every year and this is the ornament of us with Santa one year. 
The ornament that was given to Lane and I for our first married Christmas.
This is from Lane's sister from the Christmas when we were expecting Eden.
The other side of Eden's ornament from her first Christmas.
My parents let Parker and I pick out our ornament each year and if there was one that opened, it was the ornament I picked! 
The tree lit and decorated! Brings a smile to my face.
All the decorating made Nugget and Ginger tired!

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