Monday, December 5, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

It's off to work we go! Well, Lane is off to work and I'm just trying to get myself organized and back into the swing of life without him here every day. I've started with a new cleaning check list for every day and it only has a few chores a day for me to accomplish. I found this list online and I'm hoping that since it's just a few things per day that I don't get overwhelmed with everything I have to do. Today on the list was laundry and vacuuming. I'm happy to say that those things are done and I'm going to get dinner started when I can pull myself off the couch and get into the kitchen.

Speaking of dinner, I'm also trying to get myself more organized about what we're cooking and when. Last week  I planned out our meals for 3 weeks with hopes that I don't just look at Lane at 5 and wonder what we're going to do for dinner. I found an awesome template to print and put into a sheet protector so I can use it over and over again. The sheet has one column with the days of the week listed out where I can write the meals we're having. The second column is lined where I can write our grocery list for the week. Because I'm putting the pages in the sheet protectors I'm able to put recipes for the week behind the grocery lists for easy access and no room for excuses!

I also found a home organization blog and she sends out reminders at the beginning of each month to remind you what you need to accomplish in that month. This month some of the things that are on the list to accomplish are to:
* decorate for Christmas {I only have one more garland to hang and make 2 bows for each garland I have}
* send out Christmas cards {ours are printed and I've updated our mailing list, so now I just need to address them and send them}
* set monthly goals {done}
* buy Christmas gifts {done}
* mail Christmas gifts {they're wrapped, but need to be shipped}
* wrap Christmas gifts {I bought paper and Lane bought the gifts he's giving gift wrapped}
* make New Year's Eve plans {probably going to hang out at home since we have a toddler and I'll be 8 months pregnant!}

All of my organization, especially with planning dinners, is in hopes that I can start getting more organized and start couponing. I have friends who coupon and when I tried before I was overwhelmed and I would forget to use the few coupons that I would have. Hopefully with taking these steps and planning out my days and weeks I won't have the excuse of finding time to get things done. Here's hoping the organization lasts and I don't burn out too soon! I want to make this a good habit because I think it will help me when Baby Boy gets here. If it's a habit now, it should be easier to keep up with when I'm losing my mind because of lack of sleep, right?!

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