Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Today was the day I have been waiting for since October 25th. Well, I guess it hasn't been that long because I made my appointment after getting to California and getting moved in. Anyways, I med my new doctor this morning. Eden and I were excited to meet the new doctor and to get to see Baby Boy again today. Well, the appointment was a bit of a bust...

First off, I wasn't just expecting a random ultrasound just to see Baby Boy. When I had my mid-point ultrasound where everything about baby was checked and the location of my placenta was checked, it was found that I had a partial previa. This means that the placenta is partially covering my cervical opening and this isn't good. If labor happens without the placenta moving up it could be fatal to me and/or Baby Boy. Most of the time the placenta does move {think of it as putting a dot with a marker on an un-blown balloon. When you blow it up, the dot moves further away from the opening of the balloon.} So, as you can imagine, I wanted to know if this had happened. Not to mention, my previous doctor wrote in her notes that this was the case and that I needed to have an ultrasound to verify that the placenta moved. After talking the doctor into it, he finally did the ultrasound for us. He didn't give me any good pictures of the baby {I got one of the top of his head, so it's just a black and white circle in the picture} but he did confirm that the placenta is no longer covering the cervical opening.

All of the ultrasound stuff was at the end of the visit. I knew from the moment that I walked in that I wasn't going to be thrilled with the doctor. The practice is just one doctor and he has about 50-75 patient files...that's it. His office is terribly out of date and none of his equipment is up to date either. The doctor himself is very soft spoken, frail old man with a retainer. Even if I liked him, there's NO WAY he would be able to deliver Baby Boy. He was too quiet and I didn't feel like I could talk to him. When he talks its like a whisper. I can just see it now, I'm in pain waiting to push and deliver Baby Boy and here's the doctor whispering to me to push. For some reason that just doesn't work well with me.

The first thing I did when I got home from my appointment was get online to find a doctor. I spent about an hour on the phone and on the computer trying to figure out what doctor I could go to. I was trying to stay with a doctor who delivers at the hospital that is close to our house. The hospital I was going to deliver at with the doctor I saw this morning is only 3 miles from our house and now my new doctor will be delivering at a hospital that is about 30 minutes from the house. Ugh, the price we pay for good care!

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