Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas As 3

This is our smallest Christmas - but biggest at the same time - ever! We are in the midst of celebrating as a family of 3 {almost 4}. So far we've finger painted a Christmas tree {of Eden's feet - she loved it}, finger painted a picture for Parker, played outside in the warm Southern California sunshine, cleaned house, stocked the Christmas tree with more goodies, read books and more! On the list of things to do today is lunch, shower, Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Eve church service, sleep so Santa can come and enjoy our time with family! I'm sure sometime today or tomorrow we will video chat with both sets of grandparents and many of the aunts and uncles around the country who are celebrating with their small families too.

As we are getting into the Christmas celebrations I'm excited to read Eden the Christmas Story tonight and talk about "Happy Birthday Jesus" with her. Last year she was too small to grasp the concept, and this year she's starting to show us how much she's really learning. She loves learning new things, so I'm excited to share the birth of Jesus with her. Even if all she grasps from the lesson of His birth is "Happy Birthday Jesus" I will be happy with that. That will be a great starting point for teaching her the meaning of Christmas.

Always remember that He is the reason for the season and enjoy spending time with those you love as you remember that, because of Him, you have an eternity with family and friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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