Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Day in the Life

I'm just going to keep the blog open for the day and keep track of the funny things that Eden says and does.

8:30am: Today when she woke up she was talking to her bears and her duck in her crib. When Lane went in to get her up she said "Shhh, Bear seeping!"

9:15am: Nugget keeps opening the curtains and looking out the window {and then he makes sure to growl or bark}, so I've been telling him to get out of the window. Eden was sitting in her rocking chair and noticed Nugget before I did and she said, "out, window!" to tell Nugget to get out of the window. What a big helper! Or a bossy little girl?

10:00am: While walking around with her bear and changing his diaper and pushing it in the stroller, and putting it down for a nap, she also puts it in timeout while saying, "Don't hit me!" This comes from me telling her that when she gets mat she "does NOT hit me," and if she does she has to go to timeout.

10:15am: Eden and Lane talking: E: guh guh guh, L: You keep saying "guh guh guh" and I don't know what that is, E laughs, L: You laugh every time I say that, but I really don't know what you're saying! {In his defense, she has been saying this for about 3-ish months and we really, honestly have no idea what she's talking about.}

10:30am: Our backyard is tiered and Eden LOVES to climb up to the top tier. She climbed up and noticed that Ginger and Nugget had dug a hole {ugh, dogs!} and she exclaimed, "Oh, hole!"

11:30am: While playing with her duck, she put it on her head and walked around the house. No, she couldn't see. Yes, it was funny when she ran into an empty grill box.

12:00pm: Lane put a sticker on Eden's forehead about an hour ago. She kept looking for it in her hair and finally gave up looking for it. She walked over to the fireplace and saw her reflection in the glass and realized the sticker was still there. She still couldn't find the sticker to take it off even though she kept poking her face all over, including her eye! Eventually the sticker was found and removed, and was accompanied by a cute giggle at the fact that she finally found it!

12:30pm: Eden took my phone and "called Mimi" and said "Hi, Mimi!" because I had just been on the phone with my mom. What a cute kid!!!

12:40pm: Eden said her full name - well, first and last names. She said Daigle so well. I was shocked and now she keeps running around saying "Eden Daigle."

1:30pm: When Eden saw Lane give me a hug in the kitchen, she walked up to us and said, "Momma, hug Daddy" and got excited that we were hugging. After we let go of each other she looked at me and said, "Momma, kiss Daddy" and then asked for a kiss herself! This is a great improvement because she used to see us holding hands and would get upset and want to hold our hands, but not let us hold each others' hands.

5:00pm: Eden woke up from her nap with her diaper half off and said to Lane, "uh oh, diaper!" Yes, Eden, your diaper is falling off, I wonder how that happened!!!

6:00pm: Conversation between Eden and me: B: Eden, what's your Daddy's name? E: Yane, B: YES! Eden, what's your Mommy's name? E: ummmm, Bitty. B:YES, Eden, you're so smart!!!

6:05pm: Eden wants Lane's juice, but he has a cold and he's trying to make sure to get the extra vitamin C in him, so he told Eden she could have her milk while Daddy had juice. As Eden is trying to weasel her way into getting some juice, she asked to sit next to him on the couch. Of course he let her, but she sat down and started reading her Red Shirt, Blue Shirt book. The main character in the book is always putting on his clothes in the wrong way {shirt on his legs, shoe on his head and all sorts of funny things} followed by "oops." When she sat next to him she opened the book, said "oops," turned the page, said "oops," and kept going until the end. All the while she was pointing out the items of clothes. Again, I say, she's so smart!

7:00pm: At dinner, Eden passed gas and said, "he he, Daddy toot!" and blamed Lane for the rude behavior without any hesitation! Normally I would have believed her, but I could hear it and I knew it was her.

And now we're getting ready for bed, so I'm going to wrap this up. I hoped you enjoyed seeing the day in the life of Eden!

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