Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Improvement ADD

I just can't seem to get projects done around here. I have no problem starting them, but I can't get them done. Part of the problem is that I start one, need a supply for the project, don't finish it in one day, or I get bored with it. Ok, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, except when I go get the supply I need, go to sleep and wake up, or walk away because of boredom I find something else to get into and then I don't get back to my original project. I guess we have time, but I just want to snap my fingers and let them finish on their own!
I finally finished painting the laundry room. I also tried to hang my "laundry today or naked tomorrow" sign above the window, but the 3m strips don't stick to our walls for some reason! So now I have another project...I have to put some sort of hanging mechanism to the back of the sign (not hard AT ALL) and hang it.

The half bath across the hall from the laundry room. I started to paint it, but didn't trim it before I rolled it and I didn't take the ladder into the room, so the top of the room and the cutting still needs to be done. Again, I could get this done in like an hour!
Our new mirror! We were going to hang it as soon as we got it home, but I have to put the wire on the back of it in order to be able to hang it. Once I make it back to a store with the picture wire it will be simple because I left the nails and picture hangers out on the table.
This is the wall that the mirror will go on. The stack of pictures with our last name letters will go above the mirror, but they can't be hung until the mirror gets hung. Until then they're going to sit and collect dust!
The stack of pictures on the landing are all things that I don't have wall space for. I love having lots of natural light coming into the house, but that means that I now have pictures and things that used to hang on our walls that no longer have a home...To get rid of or keep knowing I have no idea what's in store for us at our next home?
The gallery wall going up the stairs. I have always wanted one, but now that I've started one, I don't have enough pictures or frames to hang! Well, I'm sure I could find the pictures, but I don't have the frames. I started just buying a frame or 2 at a time. They're all just brown, but they don't "match" other than that, so this should be an easy task for me.
This picture is perfect for this space, now just to hang it. It should be another easy one - remember the white box that's on the stairs with the pictures? Yeah, that's our "utility carton" and that's where the nails and hammer are...why isn't this hanging?!
Painters tape and again more cutting to be done. Not to mention the kids' rooms both need to be decorated...ugh.

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