Sunday, December 18, 2011

To Do

I've just created a pretty sizable to do list for myself. I spent a good deal of time on pinterest looking at different crafts for the house, the baby, Eden, and whoever else could stand a craft {Lane's getting a craft for a stocking stuffer too!} or DIY project!

I found these onsies that I'm going to make for Baby Boy. I went out looking for fabric for these today because I already have the white onsies.
I also decided I'm going to make a blanket for Baby Boy. I mean, how hard can it be?! It's just straight line on the sewing machine, right? I happened by the fabric when I was looking for the bowties and I couldn't resist!

I'm also going to make him a car seat cover. I know I can just throw a blanket over the car seat, but with the ties on the DIY cover I won't have to worry with trying to keep it on, trying to keep it off his face, and it will stay put...hopefully. This is what it's going to look like - sort of, the fabric I picked out is argyle and stripes with solid ties. The site that I found this on has step by step instructions for making this with the pattern for it and everything!
 We used to have this great diaper bag that I could keep in my purse so I didn't always have to carry a diaper bag. Well, that bag is history. Lane was trying to "fix" it and he actually broke the zipper. I guess he didn't know his own strength. It's also nice to have the diapers contained within the diaper bag when I have to go back to carrying a diaper bag when Baby Boy arrives. In any case, I have a need for a diaper carrying bag, so I'm going to make one instead of looking all over for one! I found another blog that lays out all of the instructions for it and I'm excited to try it out. I'm using the same fabric that I'm using for the car seat cover.
I also came across some ideas for updating Eden's room for when we put a "big girl bed" in her room next month. We're going to paint her room and she's going to get something awesome from Mimi and Pop for Christmas that will go in her room. I think I will need to paint it when it gets here, but that's ok because it will match her room! We picked out some paint colors for her room when we were at Home Depot on Friday, so hopefully in the next few weeks we'll get her room painted and changed over to a "big girl" room!

Hopefully with everything going on and Christmas being right around the corner, I'll remember to snap some pictures of the completed projects as they come to life!

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