Saturday, December 3, 2011

Apple Juice

When we were on the plane Eden got a real treat. She got to drink apple juice! We don't keep juice in the house {only milk and water} and juice is a real treat for her. Especially on the plane when I didn't want to be too demanding and ask for half water, half juice! Eden got straight juice, and boy was she excited. She was so excited that I had to keep reminding her that she had to wait on the ladies with the juice and they would give it to her. She patiently waited and watched the carts get closer and closer.

As the cart came down the aisle on the plane we practiced, "apple juice please," so Eden could ask for her apple juice all by herself. She was putting all the words together and getting really pumped for the opportunity to have that juice. When the cart was close enough and she thought she could place her order she said, "Hey yaydy! Appa juice, pease!" Oh the mixed emotions that I had when those words spilled out of her mouth. There was slight embarrassment because of the "hey lady" portion of her request. There was pride in the fact that she was willing to speak and make her request to a stranger. Don't forget the happiness of the fact that she actually said please too!

This plays back in my head often these days as she's beginning to speak more and more in our every day lives. Recently Eden has been walking around making that same request at home. "Hey yaydy! Appa juice, pease!" only, she's not requesting to anyone in particular, just talking. We are constantly in awe of her speech and memory. She never ceases to amaze us and we're forever in love with this crazy smart little girl.

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  1. So CUTE! Its great that you are writing down little things like this to look back at someday :)