Sunday, December 18, 2011

Robbing Home Depot

No, no, we didn't really rob Home Depot, and we don't plan on robbing Home Depot. We did however go to Home Depot 2 days in a row - they're our home away from home - and come home with great deals! On Friday we went to to get a new thermostat. There was nothing wrong with our old one, it was just that, old. We wanted to get a digital one that we could program so hopefully it will be more energy efficient. After we found the thermostat we were on our way out the door. Lane of course ventured away from me and I saw him looking at a workbench that could go into the garage. I rolled my eyes when I saw where he was headed, but then he told me that it was $40 off and it was the last one. How could I say no? It was something that we needed {Lane is working on his bike and using a box taped shut as his workbench} and at the price it was listed at it was a no brainer. Merry Christmas Lane!
Yesterday I wandered into Home Depot again to get wire to hang the mirror we got. Oh, and by the way, you aren't supposed to hang it using wire, so even though I tried to complete one of my home improvement projects, it's still waiting to be completed! Boo...Anyways, I was going to sneak home some Christmas decorations because they were on sale so I started through the decorations. I didn't find anything, but when I exited the decorations I saw a group of people huddled around these boxes. I realized that the boxes were the grill that Lane has been eyeing for almost a year now. I still had no idea why there was a crowd, and then I saw it. The price mark down was amazing!
I overheard the sales rep on the floor talking about how there was only one left and I quickly asked him not to sell it and let me call home to see if it was something that Lane was still looking at and interested in. The sales guy said the only reason they were marked down so much was because they didn't sell quick enough at the full price and they were discontinuing the sale of the grill. I still couldn't believe it! Again, Merry Christmas Lane - and even luckier him, he already had things wrapped under the tree for him!

We had a friend in town and he stayed with us while he was house hunting for his upcoming move with his family, so he and Lane put together the "man toy."
Up close of the grill grates. The circles have interchangeable "plates" for different grilling options. 
All of the grill plate options for the grill. There's a storage rack under the grill for all of the different inserts.
Vegetable tray
Pizza stone

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