Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slumber Party Fun

Tonight Lane went out to enjoy an evening with a friend and some of his friends as a going away because our friend is leaving for Afghanistan. Since it was just us girls at home, Eden and I decided to have a slumber party. Eden enjoyed a long bubble bath with lots of toys. After her bath we put her jammies on her and painted her nails. She had noticed that I painted mine during her nap so I told her we could paint hers too. I blow dried her hair because I wantedto dry her nails too. This was the first time I had blow dried her hair and she loved it. She's seen me blow dry my hair, so it wasn't totally new to her. After our primping we watched The Polar Express while we layed in bed. Of course she was allowed to stay up late since it was a slumber party. I'm hoping we get a later start in the morning to finish off a great night!

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