Monday, December 19, 2011

One Check!

I was able to check one of my to dos off of my list! I was on a roll today and made the car seat cover for Baby Boy. Actually, I don't think I was on a roll, I think I was trying to prove Lane wrong. Yesterday when I showed him all of my fabrics for the projects I wanted to do I said "I guess I won't be napping in the coming days, I've got lots to do! If I nap, I won't get these things done." His response to this was that he thought that I would have unfinished projects once the baby gets here! Ugh, I'll show him!

Anyways, here's my car seat cover.
Car seat cover on and closed.
Car seat cover on, but flipped "open."
Car seat cover on the floor with the flap up to show the other side of it.
Cover patterns. The solid pieces are the ties that attach to the handle of the car seat.
YAY! I have a check on my to do list and I'm working on another check now. I have the pattern printed, cut out and ready to go for the diaper clutch for the diaper bag. It will be the same colors as the car seat cover and I'm excited to make it. The car seat cover had me intimidated, but it was much easier than I thought it would be, so now I'm ready to tackle sewing with a pattern. Bring it on!

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