Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Picturers

Eden was spoiled by tons of friends and family. We were able to talk to and video chat with family from afar as we all celebrated Christmas apart from the "big family." Each small piece of our large family spent Christmas as an immediate family this year - us, my parents, Parker, Lane's parents, Angela, Ryan {and their families}. It was a nice Christmas and Eden was beside herself with all of the excitement! She loved getting to see everyone {except for Parker} on the computer and being able to play with a ton of new toys today! So excited that she's having a hard time going to sleep right now.
Nugget and Ginger on Christmas morning. They're not too sure about their outfits for the day.
Eden discovering the goodies that come with her kitchen. She looked at the canned goods and said "beans!" with just as much excitement about them as there was about the kitchen itself. The girl loves her beans.
Looking at her puzzle piece.
Enjoying her puzzles, but not quite ready to let go of her kitchen yet.
Getting into her stocking that came from Mimi and Pop's house.
Wearing her bell necklace {thanks Mimi and Pop!} reaching for her present from Grandma and Grandpa.
Daddy's Backrub Shirt - the road map is drawn on the back of one of his undershirts and now Eden can drive her cars on the road and Lane get's a back rub! I made sure to trace her hand on the shirt and I also let her use some of the "Mommy markers" {sharpies} to color on the shirt too.
Wearing her "E" apron, her oven mitts and carrying her frying pan around so she could cook for us.
Her castle from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Stephanie.
Looking at the computer that Grandma and Grandpa gave her while it's still in the box.
Reading "Twinkle, Twinkle" from Mimi and Pop. They recorded themselves reading the book and she loves to hear them read the book to her.
Eden the Bow-nosed reindeer!
Eden writing on the chalk board wall desk that Pop made to go in her room. I made sure to paint the shelves of it to match her room.
Carrying her puzzles over to us so we could help her get them off the shelf.
Baking cookies for Mommy and Daddy. She loved that she could put them on the baking sheet and put them in the oven on her kitchen.
Daigle family tradition: shooting the elastic decorations from  presents onto the tree. Daddy tried SO hard to get them on the top of the tree, but these gold ones were as high as he could get them.
Eden wanted to join in the fun. She placed her elastics on the tree. Such a quick learner. Before too long we'll have her shooting them like rubber bands to try to get to the top of the tree too.

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