Monday, November 7, 2011

One Last Halloween Celebration

Before we left Texas we had to go to one more Halloween festival. We had to make sure to get in as much Halloween as possible and the base had a carnival-type celebration, so we took Eden over to enjoy some fun things in her cute elephant costume. It also gave us a reason to get out of our house because it was totally packed up and we didn't have anything at home to entertain her.
October 26 - All packed up and ready to go.
October 27 - We decided to pull out the "necessary" pieces of furniture since we still had a tv in the house.
October 28 - Ready to get unto the truck and head to California
October 29 - Eden got to hang out with some animals at the fall festival.

October 29 - The "neigh" was her favorite by far. She was mad that she had to get off!

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