Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Backyard

The more we look into what's in our back yard we get more and more excited about it. There is SO much back there! We know we have 2 lime trees, a grapefruit tree, a mandarin orange tree, another citrus tree {we thought it was lemon, but the fruit isn't turning yellow, but it looks different than the 2 lime trees we have}, tomatoes, 2 rosemary bushes, grapes, cacti, beautiful flowers, and other herbs that we just aren't sure what they are. Not to mention the hot tub surrounded by palm trees. How can you resist our yard?! It's fabulous.

{Side note: we can't use our hot tub right now because of electrical issues. Lane filled the hot tub and the electrician came out to fix our dryer hook up and discovered that our electrical panel shouldn't have passed the inspection for the house. Ugh. The panel is overloaded and when the previous owners put in the spa they used the 240v breaker for the spa and removed the power from the laundry room because they had a gas dryer. Anyways, long story a little shorter, we have to file a claim against the inspector because of the panel not passing inspection, and we're also trying to get the electrician work covered by the previous owners since they told us the outlet worked when they had removed power to the outlet to install the spa. One day I'll be able to soak my feet in the hot tub while Lane lounges in it!}

November 9 - Eden helping Daddy fill the hot tub.
November 9 - Checking it out.
November 9 - The colors in the house with the curtains tacked up. They've since been hung and the other window has coverings now too.
November 13 - Ginger lounging in the back yard.
Some weird looking plant that is just interesting to look at.

The beautiful palms in the corner of the back yard. This is where the grapefruit tree is and a rosemary bush too.
The vine that bears grapes! We just discovered the fruit on it today.
Birds of Paradise flower. Isn't it amazing how they look like birds?!
Some of the tiki torches in the back yard. These will be fabulous when we get some fluid in them!
What we thought might be a lemon tree, but the fruit is staying green, so maybe a different kind of lime tree? The leaves look different on this tree than the other lime trees though, so we'll just have to wait and see.
Just a few of the limes on one of our very luscious lime tree.
One of the mandarin oranges we have. This little guy is almost ready to come off the tree!
Tons of buds on our hibiscus bush. I'm glad about this because I had to leave behind our pretty one in Texas.

Strawberries in the front yard.
...more roses...
...and more roses...
...and even more roses in the front yard!
Tomato plant. Just need this little guy to get red!
This plant smells really good, but I don't know what it is. We thought maybe an herb, but the leaves are fuzzy, so now I'm thinking some sort of fruit. I'm not too sure. If you know, let me know!
Rosemary - this is one of 2 rosemary bushes.
The hot tub with the palm trees surrounding it. Beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds!

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