Friday, November 18, 2011

Bed Time?

I love being in Georgia. We're having a great time with family and the fall colors here this year are fabulous! Supposedly they haven't been this great for years, but let me tell you, they are very vibrant and very pretty now.
We have loved being able to be around so much family and friends that we don't get to see very often. Last night Sara and Adam came to visit us and have dinner with us in addition to Uncle Papa and Avery (my cousins oldest daughter). Tonight Lane's family came over to my parents' house to have dinner. This was very exciting because his dad had a quadruple bypass surgery last Monday. It was great that he felt up to coming over for dinner and being out of the house later in the day since that's when he's the most tired and starting to feel not-so-hot.

Tomorrow me, Eden, Mimi, Angela, Mack, Grandma, and Tommie are all going to pile into the van and head down to Lenox Mall to see the Macy's Pink Pig. Parker and I used to ride the Pink Pig every year when we went to the Festival of Trees with Pat. It used to be above the festival on a track and you'd get to ride it around above and see everything from the ceiling. It was cool when we were kids and now they've brought it back and it's at the mall in a train form. We went a few years ago with Karen and her family when they were in town, and this will be Eden's first Pink Pig experiece! I can't wait for it!

With all the excitement that we've had going on around here bed time has been hard to come by. I'm not sure if the time change is getting the best of Eden, but night time sleep is hard to get going. Once she's asleep she's been fine, but getting there has been a battle. Winding down isn't always easy to come by because she's excited to see Frasier, Pop, Mimi and whoever else was here right before bed time. I'm hoping in the coming weeks she starts to get on a more regular night time schedule, but that might mean cutting out fun things in the evening which I'm not sure I'm willing to do. We can all sleep when we're dead, right?!

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