Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Journey

October 31 - Our car was towed behind our SUV, so it was packed completely full of stuff.

October 31 - Happy Halloween! Ready to get on the road and go to her new house in California.
October 31 - Texas

November - Day 2 of travel and we're still in Texas.
November 1 - New Mexico
November 1 - Gas stop in New Mexico.
November 2 - Mommy and Daddy gave up on Eden staying in the  pack-n-play when she was awake from 10:20pm - 2am and then woke up again at 5:30. She slept like a rock when she was in the bed with us.
November 2 - Arizona, the cacti were awesome!
November 2 - First signs of San Diego! There's hope that the trip will have an end.

November 2 - These guys were 4-wheeling up the sand dunes.
November 2 - Long trip, tired baby.

November 2 - The summit!
November 2 - The 6% grade went on forever. The longest stretch was 13 miles. The poor SUV is going to need new brakes from the car being towed behind it and pushing it down the hills.

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