Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Pink Pig

Today Eden and I had the opportunity to go see the Macy's Pink Pig with Mimi, Angela, Mack, and Tommie. It was lots of fun and Eden loved being able to go for a ride on Pricilla the Pink Pig. I had fun re-living the tradition of the Pink Pig {and introducing it to Angela, Mack, Tommie, and even Eden since she didn't get to go last year.}
Grandma, Eden, Tommie, Mack, Mimi, and Angela heading into the Pink Pig tent.

Eden and Mack getting ready to go in! Mack proclaimed that Eden was her "best friend" today.
Grandma and Mimi with the girls.

The moms with the girls.

Eden dancing with the other children while we were waiting in line to get tickets for the ride.

Eden and Mack talking together while dancing with the other kids.

We have our ticket and we're on the next ride!

Everybody buckled up and ready to ride.


She got a sticker saying she rode the Pink Pig.

Wearing her shirt and hugging her pig.

Giving her pig a kiss.
After having a chance to see and ride the pig we headed home and stopped on the way to have lunch. While we were driving to the pig, Mack noticed that we passed a Chick-fil-a. Up in Chicago they don't get to eat there and so it was an exciting option for lunch. When we were walking out of the Pink Pig Mack asked us where we were going to stop to eat lunch on the way home. Mimi and I were excited to tell her that we were going to eat at Chick-fil-a...and they had a small door just for her and Eden at this particular Chick-fil-a {it's a Dwarf House!} She was so excited to be able to go to Chick-fil-a AND get to go through the small door!
Eden and Mack at the Dwarf House. It was much harder than expected to get a decent picture of both girls at the same time!

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