Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As of November 4 we officially became homeowners! We closed on our house and wasted no time getting things together to start painting before our furniture got here on the 6th. We knew it would be easier to paint without having to work around boxes and furniture, so we have made about 1,000,000 trips to Home Depot to find swatches, get samples, get more samples, get tape, get more tape, and get more tape in order to paint the house. We finished the living room in on Saturday and we were able to half way paint the laundry room so the washer and dryer could go in and we don't have to paint around them {or move them out of the way.} We have primed the kitchen and we've started painting it. After that we have the upstairs hall and we still have to finish the laundry room...oh yeah, and start the half bath downstairs. They won't be too bad, but we have boxes to unpack and organize now too. I'll post the after pictures when I have some, but until then, here are some before and in between pictures of the house.

Patio off to the left of the front porch. The tree by the fence is a lime tree.
The mandarin orange tree, lime tree, and lemon tree.
Hot tub

Grapefruit tree in the back, far corner of the back yard.
Living room from the front door.
Living room. The tile starts the kitchen.
Kitchen from the view of the fireplace. The door on the right is a "coat closet" that we turned into a toy room.
Living room looking back to the front door.
Eden's toy room.

Top of the stairs. Eden's room is to the right of the pole and Baby Boy's room is behind the pole.
Eden's room.
Baby Boy's room.
Master from the top of the stairs {bathroom is behind me}
Master Bedroom.
Master bathroom.
Picking paint colors.

Painting with a curious toddler means you only paint the top of the walls while she's awake.
Action shot.
Living room painted.

Kitchen is semi-primed.

Furniture delivered, put together, but not put in place yet! Our house was total chaos.

The dogs are loving the sun spot in the kitchen.

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