Friday, December 11, 2009

New Doctor

I had my first OB appointment down here in Florida yesterday. Everything went well and Eden and I are both healthy with no complaints from the doctor. The doctor spent about an hour in the appointment with us and was very thorough with everything that he told us. I'm excited because he did say that he likes to make his own deliveries when the time comes if he's able to make them. He let us know that he has a family of his own and if he happens to be at a family event that his family is important and they take priority, but that there's not anyone in Labor and Delivery that he wouldn't trust to deliver his own children.

The doctor hit the high points within his examination and all seemed to look good to him...
Eden's heart rate: 140s, looked good
My lungs and heart rate: no specifics, but looked good
Uterine measurement: right at 27 weeks
Due date: March 10
Weight gain: 13 pounds, looked good
Exercise: at least 20-30 minutes daily, mostly walking at this point

If you want to be included in the "Baby News" email group that I've got started for when Eden arrives, please send us your email address. We want to make sure that everyone who wants the details, gets them so make sure you've given us any information that we might need!!!!

Well, I think that hits the important stuff and we'll be in touch.

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