Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday!!!!!

So now that A LOT of time has passed since our last post I figured I'd keep everyone updated about the happenings in Florida now that we're here. We did indeed make it here safe and sound and we did eventually find a house. Once we made it into the house we had about 4 days of no furniture, no TV, and no internet. By the time we got all of our technologies up and running, we were heading back to GA for Thanksgiving. It was nice to be able to spend the holiday at home with both families because last year we weren't able to make it to GA to celebrate with them. We will also be able to go back to GA in another couple of weeks to celebrate Christmas with the family so we're even more excited about that! Both fall/winter holidays in GA with both families...who could ask for more?!

Next week I will to go the doctor for the first time since we've been in Florida to meet my new doctor. I'm excited about the new doctor because where I was before I was not being seen by the doctor that was going to deliver Eden. The hospital with the Labor and Delivery unit is attached to the doctors' office that I will be seen at so the doctors do their best to deliver for each of their patients! Lane and I were able to go to L&D when we were at the clinic/hospital dropping off records and getting everything situated when we first got here and it is actually very nice. It is in the pent house of the hospital and it is rather large. They have 2 wings (east and west I'm assuming) and the rooms are HUGE. It is set up so that I will deliver, recover, and stay in the same room the whole time. They also let the babies stay in the room with the new parents and they only leave to go to the nursery if they need oxygen or something like that where 1-1 care is provided. I will have my appointment and keep you updated as I get any new news about me/Eden/Lane!!!!

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