Friday, November 13, 2009

Movers are HERE

Well, after much drama, the packers AND movers are here! They got here this morning around 7:40 (we were told between 8:00 and 12:00, who would have thought they'd be early after the drama we've dealt with!!!). The house is just about packed up and ready to be moved out. This is good because it gives us time to get this place cleaned up and ready for the next people who move in.

My doctor told me this week that I need to start taking it a little easier and resting more. I'm already starting to have Braxton Hix contractions - with no worries because I'm not dilating at all and they aren't regular or intense (just feels like cramps really) - and she said that it's probably because of the added stress with moving and so I need to make sure to be drinking water and resting when I feel like it. Lane has been really good at reminding me to sit down and forcing water down my throat even when I don't want it! I ask him for milk, he brings back water because "that's what the doctor said I need." I couldn't ask for anyone better right now because I feel guilty when I'm just sitting around, but he's quick to remind me that it's better for me and Eden and that I need to listen to my body - it talks to me much quicker than it usually does so I'm not used to that (and I guess I'm a bit of a control freak, so this is really testing me!!!!)

We still don't have a house in Florida, so we'll probably be in a hotel for a little while so we can make those final decisions about where and when to move in. We do have a promising house that is available and hopefully that will work out for us. Hopefully we'll know sooner than later if it's going to work out for us.

As of right now we're set to leave Virginia on Sunday after our baby shower. We're having a baby shower at The Little Gym (where I used to work) on Sunday and will be able to head south to GA for the night on Sunday. Monday we'll wake up and have breakfast with friends/family in GA and then head down to Florida so Lane can report on time on Wednesday.

This has all happened MUCH faster than we thought it would, especially with the slow week that we had at the beginning of the week. Everything ended up working out and we're doing well. Keep us in your prayers as we travel through the weekend and into next week too!

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