Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stop and Smell

Often times I sweat the small stuff. I sweat the fact that Eden only ate one muffin for breakfast. Or I sweat the fact that Hunter was sleeping through the night and then for 2 nights he didn't. Or I sweat the fact that I have more laundry to do because Eden had a potty accident. Or the fact that Eden is now tall enough to reach into the junk drawer in the kitchen. I could go on and on, but the fact is, I shouldn't.

I should remember all the small things that go right in any given day to make my day fabulous! I should remember the cute smiles and coos that I get from Hunter as he's refusing to take a nap {even though he's tired beyond words.} I should remember the hugs and kisses that I get in the morning no matter what time Eden decides to wake up {even if it is 6:30...ugh.} I should remember that after a long day at work Lane will come home and give me a huge hug to relieve the stress from both of our days {even if he is getting home at bath time and he missed dinner.}

I should stop and smell the roses. We should all stop to smell the roses. Because no matter what comes our way there's always good too. Yes, Eden only ate one muffin, but she's healthy. Yes, Hunter is waking up twice again, but he's eating. Yes, Eden had accidents, but she's learning. And yes, Eden can reach into the junk drawer, but she's growing!
So take a moment, stop. Smell the roses!

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