Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Planes

Ever since I got to see Lane fly the C-130 I've wanted to see it and get on the plane. Lane was under the impression that civilians weren't allowed on the flight line. This week he found out that he was allowed to take us out there to see the plane, so we took a "field trip" to the base and saw the plane. I made sure to take pictures of the plane, but I still don't think they do the size of the plane justice!

The pair of knees you see up in the top left of the picture belong to a friend of Lane's who came with us. He was "practicing" using the bathroom on the plane because he hadn't done it for real before. He did not actually use the toilet, but he sat on it and stood in front of it to practice.
One of the bench seats opened up.
Eden taking seat in the aircraft commander seat.
Lane and Hunter. He's standing in the cockpit. This is a big deal to me because in the other cockpits that he's flown from you couldn't even be overweight in the slightest and fit in the pilot seats! They were tiny and Lane can actually stand in this one...with tons of room to spare!
Eden just hanging out checking out the gadgets.
The biggest deal of the plane. The microwave and coffee pot! These are in the cockpit (right behind Lane in the earlier picture, actually) so they can enjoy an easy-going flight! 
I can't get over how big this plane is!
The box that Eden was standing in front of in the earlier picture is the box in the very back here. The bench she was sitting on is right next to the box. They look tiny in this plane, but they're just super far away! The incline in the back is a ramp that can open to allow them to load and unload cargo.
Eden standing below the wing of the plane. She was looking at water so there was no hope of getting her to look at the camera!
The first time I've seen this plane at the base. The other plane are all gray. This one has a very prominent black tail with the Raiders logo. 

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