Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sea World

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of Lane having a day off and hit up a local attraction around here. We took the kids to Sea World! None of us had ever been to Sea World before, so it was a real treat to be able to go and enjoy a fun day of sun, water, shows, and rides!  Eden was most excited about seeing "baby dolphins" and "sharks!" The first thing we did when we got in the gates was find the dolphins {they were her favorite at the aquarium in Texas too} and then head to the Cirque de la Mer show. The show was short-ish show and Eden was amazed by it. They did flips, tricks, jumps, and all kinds of things that were amazing! I'm in awe of their strength.

After the show we wandered around seeing the different animals. Eden saw a clown fish and immediately called it "Nemo" because she's recently been into watching the movie. When we saw the sea turtles Lane talked like a surfer-dude because that's how the turtles talk in the movie and Eden thought that was really funny. He also quoted the "fish are friends, not food" line when we saw the sharks. While we were walking around the park we found the sky lift and were able to take the kids up for a ride. Eden didn't show any signs of being afraid of how high up we were and Hunter just nursed the whole time - well almost the whole time. He stopped just in time to have a picture snapped with Mommy!

At the end of the day we did the most fun of all. We saved the best for last and I'm sure Eden had no idea it could get better than sharks, turtles, and dolphins! We went to the Sesame Street play area in the park and Eden loved it. There were rides that she could get on and a water portion of the park too. She loved the rides and even pushed through her exhaustion in order to have fun on them - Hunter on the other hand, slept through all the rides and water fun. We weren't exactly prepared for the water, so Eden was the red neck child out in the water playing in her shorts and no shirt! Oh well, live and learn.
I don't have a great zoom lens, but Lane is in the middle of the picture holding Eden while they waited in line and she was laying on his shoulder. She was so tired, but once it was her turn she quickly got over that!

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