Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lunch Bunch

I've been falling into a rut when lunch time rolls around. I've found myself making a lot of the same for Eden. Problem with that is when this happens, she stops eating. I guess she's like me - she gets bored with more of the same old same old. Today, I decided to go out on a limb and make something new. The cool thing is that it wasn't totally new and I've done it in multiple forms! Today we had pizza roll ups, check 'em out!
Only need an oven, cheese, meat, and croissants. (I've done turkey/cheese, ham/cheese, and now pepperoni/cheese) You could put sauce in these to make more of a pepperoni pizza, but I decided to use the sauce for dipping because what toddler doesn't like to dip!
Roll out the croissants and add the cheese
Add pepperoni - I would add more next time, 2 just wasn't enough.
Roll 'em up.
Dipping sauce.
Bake them according to the croissant instructions.

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