Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

I'm starting to make a habit of posting my weekly pictures late...I have another great excuse though. We hosted a Cinco de Mayo party last night with a few friends. We had a lot of fun. We had 3 families {with 2 kids each} and Lane's ATU partner over for fajitas and a pinata busting fun time! The kids ran around in the back yard and the adults stood around chit chatting. All in all it was a blast!

April 28 - Eden got to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed because Daddy spent the evening out with a friend!
April 29 - Eden looking her finest with her sunglasses and panties!
April 29 - Eden wearing her sunglasses. All of them. On her stomach none the less.
April 30 - Daddy and his little man snuggling on the couch.
May 1 - Daddy taxiing to the runway on his first flight in the C-130J.
May 2 - Hunter fell asleep while he was waiting to be nursed before bed time.
May 3 - Imagine this sight at 4am! He sneezed and so I helped him out and used the booger sucker to get out what didn't come with the sneeze and this is the monster that came out of his nose! I actually woke Lane up so I could show him how impressive this thing was!
May 4 - I needed to wake Eden up to take her to a friends house so I could go to the dentist - ugh - and she was just so peaceful so I wanted to be able to remember it forever!
May 5 - Key lime cupcakes with margarita icing. Yum! I would say for my first "from scratch" baking experience they were de-lish!
May 6 - Hunter's picture that we sent to Uncle Parker wishing him a safe flight from GA to VA. He reports to his ship this week!

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