Monday, May 28, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

A holiday weekend can really make for a change of routine around here! Lane has tomorrow and Tuesday off, so we've been enjoying time together. Hopefully on Tuesday I'll get to enjoy Sea World with the family. I've never been and I think Eden would absolutely love it! Part of why we're living up this long weekend with Lane is because he's started his job within the squadon and it can cause long days. He's the legal officer and gets to deal with the idiots at the squadron who mess up. Last week was a long week with just me and the kids and there were some days that the kids didn't get to see Lane because his hours were so long.

May 18 - Hunter is actually sleeping on his back...for a few minutes...every now and then! He still prefers his tummy, but he's not refusing to sleep on his back so that's good. 
May 19 - Eden and Stephen eating lunch together with their shades!
May 19 
May 20 - Eden fell asleep with her slippers on. 
May 20 - And before she fell asleep she covered her kitty up with her duck for sweet dreams!
May 21 - Tile that I might use as back splash in the laundry room. I haven't decided.
May 22 - Hunter smiling for a picture to send to Grandpa and Pop.
May 23 - Happy Hunter after I turned him onto his back after nap time.
May 23 - I wanted to play around with my sewing machine again, so I embroidered some burp cloths for Hunter. They come in handy when Hunter decides to spit up!
May 24 - My friend, Angie, dropped her boys, and Eden's best friends, for the morning. After they spent the morning at the house we went to lunch for Angie's birthday.
May 25 - Eden was showing me her drawing.
May 25 - Eden dressed herself before we went out to the mall. Her shorts are on backwards and she insisted on wearing 2 shirts.
May 26 - Hunter is getting so strong! He's loving to hold his head up to look at different things these days. 
May 27 - My shades that I've been working on in my bathroom. I've got another one to hang, but I painted before I hung it.

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