Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 13 - Hunter is doing a great job finding his hands! He's just needing to get better at finding his THUMB because he doesn't like all his fingers, just his thumb.
May 14 - We got to story time early this week and Eden was able to play on the computer for a little bit. She doesn't quite understand because we have a laptop in the house, so she doesn't often get a chance to use the desktop in the office.
May 14 - I love these kids together! Nugget wanted in on the fun on the floor.
May 15 - Hunter's face as he pooped himself! Ha ha
May 15 - My first embroidery project that wasn't just playing around with scrap fabric. I took dinner to a friend from Lane's squadron who had a baby a month ago and I got a wild hair and wanted to try to make something with my new sewing machine. Ryder was too cute and I was happy to be able to make this burp cloth for him.
May 15 - Eden was trying to button her pants on her own. I loved the concentration that she had in order to accomplish this task. I loved her little rolls even more though!
May 16 - I thought I was moving at the pace of a snail, but if Eden's hair is wind-blown I had to have picked up some sort of speed while out on our run!
May 17 - Hunter and Tommy got to have their first play date. Hunter is only 9 hours older than Tommy. Tommy's mommy, Amy, wanted so badly to have a leap year baby and Tommy held out until 12:03am on March 1! Can we talk about stubborn?!
May 18 - I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and came out to see this. Eden jumped into the cradle that is in our room so she could sit with Hunter. I think their expressions say it all. Hunter: Mom save me! Eden: I did it!
May 18 - Busy morning with friends over makes a tired baby.
May 18 - Grapes growing in the yard!
May 18 - Eden with the grape vine in the back yard.

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