Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Months Old

Hunter has grown by leaps and bounds since his last monthly update! He's started giggling, but not quite laughing out loud yet. He's loving his hands and he's even getting better and better at finding them to soothe himself! This is very exciting to us. In the past he's been able to put his hands in his mouth, but never when he's been mad. I guess the old saying is true, practice makes perfect because he's getting better at finding his hands when he "needs" them these days. He's getting more and more on a schedule - well, in the afternoons and at night I guess. Our mornings are so unpredictable that he's just getting what he wants or needs as he sees fit. Some mornings we run errands, other mornings we go on "Eden outings" to the playgrounds or story time, but we're usually out and about in the mornings. Hunter is still waking up at night, but just once for the most part. Last night he was up twice, but his day yesterday was all thrown off and he only nursed on one side before passing out for the night - he usually nurses on both sides, so I'm sure he was hungry sooner in the night. We couldn't be happier with the little man that he's turning out to be as we're able to watch his personality emerge more and more every day!   

And he's over it!

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