Friday, May 11, 2012

Life at my House

My every day is filled with the crazy things that Eden does and says. Here are a few of the things she's done and said in the past few days - they're too good not to record for later reference!

While Lane and Eden were playing and Lane was taking her nose from her and eating it she said to him, "No, don't take my nose. I need to pick it!"

I got back from a child-less, outdoor run this past weekend and Lane and Eden were waiting for me camped out in the driveway while Hunter napped. When I got back, she took my phone and my ear buds and went for a "running" down our sidewalk.

Lane and I watch a show called "New Girl" and the main character is Jess. The theme song is Jess singing "Who's that girl? It's Jess!" and Eden can be found sitting around singing the theme song at any given point because she heard the song once.

Eden is OBSESSED with snails and other outdoor critters. From across the yard she can seem to find snails and will announce, "Look Mommy! Nails!!!!" Her favorite by far is a rolly polly and she cracks me up every time she says she's found one, "Look Mommy! Royie poyie! I touch him?" Every time, but has yet to touch either a snail or a rolly polly.

At lunch Eden did something that was frustrating - I don't even remember what it was - and I told her that she was making me lose my mind. I asked if she was losing her mind too. Her response was, "No, Mommy. I lose Hunter mind."

Who Dat?! No, it isn't football season, and no, she didn't say this during football season when the Saints were playing. Daddy would have been so proud, but she is saying this now. She's saying this all the time too! It doesn't always mean "who" though. Sometimes she wants to know what's going on or what she hears, but she always asks, "Who dat?"

As Hunter is in his swing and he starts to get grumpy Eden says to me, "Mommy, he sad. Come get him!"

Last night we had rice with dinner. I make our rice in a rice cooker (it just doesn't turn out if I do it on the stove!) and we always eat before the rice is "done" so it's our family joke when the rice cooker beeps that it's done to say, "oh, the rice is done" because we're already eating it. Not funny, unless you're there, but even then, not really that funny. Well, it wasn't funny until last night we heard the beep and Eden said, "Oh, Mommy! The rice is done! Go check it." I told her she was right, the rice was done, but she insisted that I go check the rice, so I did. It was done. I sat back down and continued eating my dinner.

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