Sunday, May 13, 2012

Motherhood Is...{19}


And lots of it. Every time I feel like I'm catching up, something like this happens! Hunter pooped himself...and when I say he pooped himself I really mean that he pooped his bed, his pjs, his diaper, and whatever else he might have come in contact with. He hasn't really had many blowouts, so I was shocked by this one. Not the way a laundry-hating mom should have to start the day. But for real, I didn't notice a change in laundry frequency when Eden was born. Now that there are 2 kids in the family if I don't do laundry more than once a week I have 194,729,395 loads {ok, not really, but it feels like it} to do all on one day. As you know, laundry is my least favorite chore to do anyways...that and cleaning the kitchen!

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