Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here are the much awaited pictures of Lane's first flight. I got lucky and his training partner, Andy, took off before he did. In my moment of panic of thinking it might had been Lane I took his pictures too. All in all, I took 91 pictures yesterday, but don't worry, I filtered through them to put up the best ones I have - there's still quite a few.
The kids in the back of the car waiting for some action!
The planes on the flight line.

At this point, I didn't know which plane Lane would be flying. The front 2 had their engines running, so I thought he would be in one of those. I was wrong!
In the distance you can see a plane taxiing to the runway, this is the plane that Andy was in. The one that Lane was going to fly is actually the one closest to the foreground - but I still had no idea at that point.
Andy's plane is waiting to take off {you can see the tail of the plane over to the far left in the distance} and Lane's plan is the closest one to us.
The kids waiting for Daddy to fly. His plan isn't in the frame.

At this point when they were testing the propellers/engines I realized that this was probably the plane that Lane was going to fly.
And they're off!

In the distance, on the left, taxiing to the runway.

Again, you can just see the tail of the plane. They're at the top of the runway just waiting to get word that they can leave the ground!
And they're off!
They're the spec in the center of the picture. I don't have a great zooming lens, so this is as good as it gets!
Still just a spec in the middle of the shot. At this point we were saying, "Bye bye Daddy!" and "Good job Daddy!"
This is where Hunter hung out while Daddy flew and Eden and I watched.  He was safe and sound in the carrier sleeping the morning away.

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