Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shoo Fly

Tonight was my night to rock Eden before bed time. We don't have a rocking chair in her room anymore, but she does like to be held while she lays down on our shoulder before getting into bed. This is one of those things that I hope we don't lose out on when Baby Boy gets here. Those are such special moments that I want to make sure to hold on to.

Before Lane said goodnight and left the room he gave her all of her kisses. She likes to get kisses on her eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, hands, anything! She got butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses tonight before Daddy left. She giggled when he tickled her with his eye lashes and she loved getting "nose kisses." Of course before I left the room we had to go through all of the kisses again. Eden wanted to "kiss eyes, kiss nose, kiss cheeks" and so on!

When she said "shoo fly kiss" it took me a minute to figure out what she was asking for. This was new to me. A "shoo fly kiss?" Ohhhhhh, she wanted a butterfly kiss! Night time routine just got more fun since she's asking for new things and using her own lingo. Reminds me why I love her so much! She's just too cute for words!

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  1. Delaney does this too! She wants an eye, nose and mouth kiss! Lately she wants more and more and more nose kisses. As I am walking out of the room and closing the door she continues to ask for more nose! :) Gotta love our little girls.